Birmingham is the second-largest city of the United Kingdom and it lies in the geographic center of England. Birmingham is the largest city of the west midlands. It is the one of the England commercial and industrial areas for that it acts as recreational, administrate and cultural center.

The city is one of the main centers for the machine tool industry and many engineering trades, that is Birmingham expensive to live and handling the cost of the city is high and it is densely populated area that is growing ever-expanding. The people in Birmingham have a different accent and dialect.

Student living expenses

Being a student can make a big change but you have to manage your expenses and it is the toughest job to do. Because the living cost for a student is high. There are several excellent universities in an urban landscape. The education level of the city is set at a high standard with numerous university programs.

living expenses of the Birmingham

There is certain option for students housing is affiliated with university, other independent that is Birmingham is an affordable city to live in as a student, and they greatly assist in reducing the cost of tuition. Most of the institutions will ask for the proof of your English language proficiency.

Profession in Birmingham

The Birmingham that acts as a headquarters for most of the reputed companies and the opportunity for employment is very high on comparing with the nearby cities. The city has the transportation facilities and it makes easy to travel to the other cities.

When it comes to the job opportunities there are plenty and you get the direction you want to go in your career. With all the ensuring amenities with the right qualifications and experiences, you can move on your career ladder. The main language that is used in the city is English so you have to know English and it will be the essential thing to live and work in the city.

cost of living

Other cost of living

Birmingham is full of businesses and it acts as a hub for many companies nationally and internationally. Because of the role of business and culture, the cost of living in Birmingham is high and the real estate and rentals as well as the utilities will be bulk from your budget. The most costly areas of the city is located close to the city centers.

Final thoughts

The life in the Birmingham city is safe, you can live the best quality of life, it is unique with their culture and is one the safest cities of the UK.